Titelfoto: © documenta Archiv / Günther Becker

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documenta 1955

the 1st documenta

a VISUS-Film from the series,

the movie that has never been filmed


In 1955 Arnold Bode, a Professor of Art and a designer, made his dream come true: an exhibition according to European Art Development in the twentieth century.


The place to make it happen was a rebuild and renovated World War II ruin: the Museum Fridericianum located at the Friedrichsplatz.Together with Werner Haftmann, a very popular art historian, Bode prepared and was to lay the foundations for the most important exhibition worldwide according to contemporary art for the very first time...

(extract of the comment by Dr.Harald Kimpel)


Until today no film about this famous exhibition is existing. Visus-Vision UG realized the film based on historical photographs researched at the documenta Archiv, Kassel and the German documentation center for art history – Bildarchiv Foto Marburg.

Every single scene was implemented by using our own innovative software-system VISUS.