VISUS is a Multimedia-System for interactive and automatic presentation of multimedia content.

Visual content is always on focus. VISUS was developed by Peter Schima for PCs with Microsoft Windows Systems (Vers. 7,8,10)(1). VISUS consists of two parts: VISUS - development environment and the VISUS-Viewer.  Die VISUS - development environment is used only by VISUS-VISION to develop multimedia applications. The VISUS-Viewer is an integral part of VISUS-apps. Every customer gains access for personal use of the Visus-Viewer by using the purchased app.


automatic mode

VISUS allows to exploit worlds of images in different ways - automatic and manual.  In the automatic mode VISUS-scenes can be seen like films. A virtual camera leads the observer through photographed scenes.


pan, zoom in/out on image details

creates an realistic illusion of watching a film. Parcours can be added with music, speech, sounds up to three audio tracks.



The VISUS development environment enables you to export parcours as movie files in all needed video-formats. The exported movie files are uncompressed and highest video quality is ensured.


Export formats:

for PAL-DVD (576x720, 16:9, 25Fps),


HD 720p25,

HD 720p30,

HD 720p50,

HD 720p60,

HD 1080p25,

HD 1080p30,

HD 1080p50,

HD 1080p60,




(1) Microsoft®, Windows ® are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.